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Bucks County Joyrides at the Van Sandt bridge

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Bucks County Joyrides

Experience the ultimate guided sightseeing driving tour of Bucks County in a Jeep Wrangler! Explore historical sites, picturesque valleys, and stunning river towns while crossing creeks and traveling down dirt roads. Take in the scenic views of the area's famous covered bridges and make unforgettable memories with family and friends.

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Doan Gang Joyrides!


Most Popular Joyrides

Doan Gang
Plumstead Joyride

Embark on a thrilling expedition from the Mercer Museum to Plumstead, Tinicum, and Solebury, retracing the steps of the infamous Doan Gang. Explore the very sites of their daring robberies amidst historic landscapes. Each stop offers insight into the gripping saga of the gang's deeds, sparking debates on their true nature as villains or heroes. Join us to unravel this captivating tale firsthand.

5 Covered Bridge Joyride

Cross five scenic covered bridges, discovering local landmarks' intriguing history. Drive through Uhlerstown and charming river towns like Erwinna, Point Pleasant, and Lumberville. Pause for photos at Van Sant Airport before concluding your journey in the picturesque Cuttalossa Valley, relishing stunning countryside vistas.

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Covered Bridge/Creek Joyride

Experience a scenic adventure crossing 4 stunning covered bridges, with insights into local landmarks. Stop briefly at Van Sant Airport, then venture off-road down dirt and gravel paths, traversing creeks with four crossings in all. The tour concludes in the picturesque Cuttalossa Valley.

Loved by
Friends & Families

This was such a fun date night for my husband and I on this Jeep ride adventure!  We’ve lived in bucks county for so long and never got to experience the beauty quite like this before. Chris was an amazing tour guide sharing so many interesting stories to capture the history. The off roading was exciting, the breeze from the open air was freeing, and  the scenery of this tour was amazing. So much fun, and thanks Chris for great night out!

Samantha and Pat

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